a very distinctive creative agency

ODD&Co is the brainchild of an eclectic team of idea catchers, brand connoisseurs, professional daydreamers, wordsmiths, web magicians, offbeat storytellers and illustration wizards.

Each one of us has something different to bring to the table, something new and inspirational. We know how to crowdsource our thoughts and talents to bring out the best in our team and your projects to create things of incredible beauty and immeasurable value.

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ODD&Co has at its core a spirit and a progressive philosophy focused on integration, collaboration and, most importantly, crafting custom solutions for our client’s creative needs.

With a client base that begins with the inspirational, entrepreneurial startups to those big, beautiful, international companies, we value our work and it’s quality above all things, therefore, guaranteeing that what we deliver has a piece of us in every sketch, brushstroke and pixel, always.